En Route

You can say this edit is a little past due. Like from February past due.

In honor of Manual, Los, and myself heading to Vegas this weekend I decided to put together what little clips we filmed en route to Blade Havasu. Funny enough we barely filmed while in AZ, but we got a few here and there along the way.





This edit features some heavy hitters, OG Salt Lake bladers, and even some transplanted visitors. Two weeks ago we hit up West Valley City’s skatepark for a TNB to remember.




Song: Bongthrower by Belzabong.

TNB Taylorsville

Sorry for the delay everyone! I’m backed up a few edits but threw together this quick one of the dudes skating T-Ville skatepark. How’s the park? Sub par. How’s the fun? On par. We had a great time and will head back sometime soon!




TNB at South Jordan Skatepark

Another great turn out! We had SoJo packed with regulars as well as Seattle local, Preston, and former Salt Lake local, Jamie. Utah Blade Scene really came through. Hope to see you all again at this weeks! Enjoy!


TNB at Clearfield Skatepark

Whoa! TNB last week was a heater! We had folks from Ogden, Salt Lake, and Utah County! It was the first warm Thursday Night Blade of the season and everyone brought their A game (and beers) to Clearfield Skatepark. Check the edit below from the session, as well as a few stills. See you guys at the next one!



Kearns TNB

Thursday Night Blade at Kearns Skatepark a few weeks back. It was a great turn out with great weather. A perfect start to the spring/ summer season! Skating from Kenny, Nick, Dane, Manual, Kirill, Ethan, Jett, Reid, and Stewart.



“Business As Usual” Salt Lake Blade Video 2019

This video was not supposed to even happen. Once I finished up my second video “This is Livin” in 2016 I told myself that I was done filming full length videos. I ended up just messing around and filming the homies for various projects and towards the end of 2018 I realized that I had more than enough for a short video. Somehow Kirill Braynin and Carlos Guzman talked me into finishing the project and thus this was the final product. This video features rollerblading from Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas. Full length sections from Manuel Rodriguez, Hazen Bell, Kirill Braynin and Duran Bickmore. Also featuring the rest of the SLC blade crew and many others. Hope you all enjoy!!!

-Manuel Rodriguez

6th South Session

After watching a few skate edits, Carlos, Manual, and myself decided to head out and find something to blade. We scraped around town looking for something mellow when Carlos told us about a spot he hadn’t been to in quite some time. This is located just below the 600 South off-ramp, and it’s a gem.