Saturday Sessions-A day on the east side

The sun was out and everyone was looking to skate so after a late breakfast the Bladed and Faded Crew headed to Skyline Highschool. We also had some company with us. Jeff Stanger was in town from Colorado and Russell Day was visiting from San Diego. I have never been to skyline before so it was definintley an adventure. Everyone got some clips which were pretty rad. We then set out to olympus high where we were eventually kicked out so we then set our eyes on a millcreek spot which is how we ended the day. Overall we all had a blast and got some great footage. Some of us got broke off but its all in a days work.



The Dudes and I eating Breakfast



Jon Dickerson Topsoul to backslide on the ledge


Russel Day-Front farve up the ledge to AOtopsoul 360 out


Saturdays Session: The Lions Den

Good to have the Beastmaster back in town for a quick Saturday session. Just a few quick hits of Billy Anderson, Andy Luke and Kaycee Landsaw.


-Beastmaster – Zero Fish


-Kaycee – Mute Air


-Andy – Air to Fakie


-Kaycee – Lu-Kang Air


-Beastmaster – Topsoul



-Andy – Royal




Raw Footy Friday!

The winters in Utah are long and hard here so we mostly end up resorting to skateparks that are either cleared or indoor. Here are a few skateparks we hit this winter(in order) Herriman, St.George Skatepark and Crossroads in Ogden.

Snapped: 2nd and 2nd

Good session rollin around 2nd and 2nd with the fellas before we lost sunlight. Chris took a nasty shot on the closeout to both shins. Get feelin’ better soon bud.

ImageJohn, Chris & Zach


Zach Nelson – Lege Roll to Mute Grab


Chris – The Aftermath


SLC WORK WEEK W/ Geoff Phillip

Filming this edit with Geoff Phillip made me realize how much this dude loves rollerblading. Before I met him I kind of had my doubts about him when it came to the idea of him being pro for any company. Now that I met him and filmed with him I can honestly say he definitely deserves to be a full on professional. He works super hard at getting footage, super nice dude and he loves rollerblading possibly more than I do which I didn’t think was possible. I had such a great time filming this man and I only hope it happens again. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this edit and be sure to check out all his other work. Here’s a quick interview I did with him.

1. I want to know why you chose SLC as part of the QYLT and how do you think your trip went?

I had always planned on doing a QYLT part in Salt Lake just because I always have fun when I’m in town. My loosely scheduled trip plans happened to coincide perfectly with Mykel Fatali driving to Utah for turkey day, so I hopped in the car and had my Thanksgiving at the 10540! The trip went fantastic! Except for the snow of course.

2. While filming for this part who were some of your favorite people to go out with and get footage. Anyone in particular you were juiced on being able to go skate with daily?

Of course my main dudes Tad Tregeagle and Chris Napolean are always a pleasure to shred with. All the boys get my hyped though, it’s always just great to have homies to skate with in the first place. Even Egbert showed up to blade with me, even though it was the end of the night and I was fully incapacitated at the time. I always feel at home in SLC.

3. Obviously snow and injuries played a factor in getting footage while you were here. Do you feel like even with all the bullshit you were still able to pull off a decent section?

For 5 days, I don’t think I could have asked for much more! You always want it to have been better, but the idea for the tour is to have the edits all be a really different from one another, which I believe we successfully accomplished.

4. where are you headed to next? and will you be coming back to SLC anytime soon to chill with the Bladed and Faded Crew?

For now I’m trying to lay low in Boise and figure out what I can do as far as maybe getting this hernia fixed. Making the Vegas part was really painful, so I’d like to go back there and really sink my teeth into that place with the homie Tony Rivituso. But, we’ll see what the doc has to say. Boise’s only 5 hours away from SLC, so I’m most definitely trying to make it down there soon!

Studio Elevn Box Session

We are in the thick of the long winter stretch where we dream of having warmer days where we can get out and back on the blades. Luckily the Beastmaster was back in town and we had a spot indoors where we could enjoy an hour or so on our blades. Studio Elevn box session.




It seems as though 2013 will be the year of the edits. And while normally I think DVD sections are way more important(Im oldschool) It was just impossible to ignore some of the amazing edits that came out this year. Here are the top 5 in my eyes even though there were way to many amazing ones to count I compiled this list of some awesome blade edits that dropped this year.

5. First one up is SSM’s newest ripper Brian Bina. I have always liked this dudes skating and it was rad to see a full edit of this mans skating. I sure hope we see much more of this guy and the rest of the hatian crew killing it as usual.

SSM Brian Bina from Brian Shima on Vimeo.

4. Next up is someone who released more edits this year than probably all rollerbladers combined whats even crazier is he is in thirties and he skates with more agility then guys who are 15 years old. Soon as the first shots of the video came on I knew it was already gonna be an instant favorite. What makes this even better is not only is he skating one of the most untouched areas of the world but he also showed us how amazing Worapoj Boonnim is. It was hard to choose which one I liked best out of all the richie classics made this year but I went with this.

BANGKOK from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

3. Fuck talk about a section that pisses on every rollerblader out there. Billy once again showed us why going big is always gonna look the best. He went full fucking HAM on this section. I think I pretty much knew it was game over when he did that disaster over the rail to down ledge at the staples center. This section would have made it to number one on my list but unfortunately I hated the song so much it only ended up at number 3 but whatever its still incredible and he deserves a whole lot of respect for making this piece of history.

Billy O’Neill SSM from Brian Shima on Vimeo.

2. Normally I don’t really care much for the strange dudes but I gotta throw out some props for making a section that is definitley worth mentioning. This edit got me more pumped to skate than most of the shit thats out there these days. Its nice to just see some raw, stylish blading from a whole bunch of california dudes. I feel like lately they are one of the few crews who make rollerblading look bad ass and also fun.

valoXstrange from THEE STRANGE on Vimeo.

1. Alex Broskow…..nuff said!

“ORIGINALS” Part 4: Alex Broskow from Create Originals on Vimeo.

In closing I will say that yes I know there was some sick Franky edits and some dope Montre edits and even some more richie edits. These were the edits that stuck out in my mind the most throughout the year and I still watch them on the regular basis which to me is important in an age where all we want is new content every single day so just watch these and know that I am biased in the fact that if EROD edits your shit I will most likely not like it that much.


Fisheye Fridays #9 “Only Bro’s allowed”

Another episode of fisheye fridays takes you to sunny and warm St.George Utah. I was visiting family while in town for thanksgiving and was luckily able to meet up with Harbor and Duran Bickmore and of course my brother Richard Rodriguez. I always enjoy skating this park. It was built really well and every time I skate there I always leave happy knowing I learned some new tricks. If you are ever in St.George then you definitely need to go there. Right now its colder than balls in Salt Lake City so why not warm up and get some blading in just a few hours south of here. The St.George crew is always down to shred.

-Manuel Rodriguez