Saturday Sessions: Downtown

Getting out this weekend and being able to snap some photos was exactly what I needed. It was great to see everyone young and old ripping at each spot we went to. Big ups to Chris for stompin’ his monster gap.


Chris Napoleon – Mute Grab (He did stale too but this photo turned out better)


Matt Moya – Torque Soul


Manuel Rodriguez – Top Mistrial


Rob Adams – Under Misfit

Matt Moya – Under X Grind


Jon Erickson – True Alley Oop Unity

Useless Tour Stops in Salt Lake City

The Southern Scum dudes came and visited the homies and all I can really say is they were real down to earth dudes who shred super hard.They have been on the road for almost 50 days so far which is the most committed I have ever seen rollerbladers ever on a tour. Really stoked they came and visited us before they headed off to the Colorado Road Trip. Hopefully we see them again sometime soon. Here are some photos from their visit.

IMG_9887  IMG_9894 IMG_9895 IMG_9902 IMG_9905 IMG_9922 IMG_9924 IMG_9929 IMG_9947 IMG_9951 IMG_9956 IMG_9960 IMG_9962 IMG_9963